My Last Ride

My hands are clenched around chrome bars
the engine's rumble sounds so sweet.
I twist the throttle with my palm
and roar off down the street.
The slapping of my leathers
and raging winds on either side,
drum a beat of sweet contentment
as I ride last ride.
Alone on my tin pony,
to the heavens I've been called,
but fret not my dear loved ones,
I'm not lonely here at all.
The speedometer is just a blur
as tears blown from my eyes,
the bike and I roll forward
off into the calling skies.
I hope I touched your lives one day,
and left a treasured mark,
now I'll ride on to FOREVER,
with your memory in my heart.

- Frank Clark



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Last Ride

In Memory of Thomas D. Avery

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